I Wonder...

I'm (Joshua Goss,) passionate about breathing, followed closely by being a husband to Wendy, father of two boys (Lachy & Byron) and a chaplain in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Home on the Central Coast is a forty minute podcast from work and a three minute song from the beach which helps with listening to podcasts, music and most importantly surfing. 

I find humanity, the stories we tell ourselves and how those stories interact with and shape us fascinating.  So I'd like to use this space to share, learn and work through thoughts about life and love and reality and hope and faith. If you'd like to come on this journey of the heart and mind hit the Sign Up button and enjoy the ride!





Abby Muendel is a young photographer based in Newcastle, Australia if you'd like to see more of her work. Her blog is a great place to start.

Aidan Gageler produces beautiful landscape photography and is based in London, England. He took the home page shot of the tree and the night sky. The best way to contact him is on Facebook.

Dominique Cherry is an experienced Australian based photographer, and the driving force behind DEC Creatives Photography.

Heath Bennett is an experienced wedding photographer based in Newcastle, Australia + Chattanooga, USA + Globally can be found at jacandheath

All other images are either from Pexel or by Me