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It's the beginning of this blog, and yet that's not entirely true. Highlighted in the picture are my journals and some literature I've been wrestling with because this thing has been going on for a long time. You see I've been trying to work all this stuff out of my head (to free up some space.)

The problem is that I'm a bit slack with the paper and pen which means in recent times I've lived most of my life in my mind, don't get me wrong I've still been around. It's just that working things out inside your head doesn't allow you to be very present. So I've decided to get it all out, in a tangible, workable space (hopefully this blog) so that when I'm at work and play, I'll be at work and play. Which means when I have time to rest (which doesn't happen much with two boys under 5) I'll be at rest.

This blog will be genuinely interested in humanity, what we are, the stories we tell each other & ourselves and how those stories interact with and shape us. It'll attempt to respond questions (some of them my own) about what God (as revealed in Jesus) has to do with any of that. And so with all that in mind, I'd like to use this space to share, learn and work through thoughts about life and ugliness and love and reality and hope and despair and faith. If you join me, we'll be engaging with literature, video clips, artworks, media, music, poetry and sacred texts.

So if you will, let the Wondering begin...