Try this...

Last year during the Easter holiday I participated in some activities to reflect on the Jesus story and stumbled across 'Sunday' featuring Rob Bell which can be found on an album aptly titled 'Garden,' (released by The Liturgists in 2014.) And while I was listening and scribbling away, I decided to draw what I heard, and this is what happened... 

My scribbles 4th May 2017

My scribbles 4th May 2017

(Ummm... yes, I know those scribbles are ordinary,) but regardless of what you think of Easter or Jesus or The resurrection listen below and have a go (at drawing life, death and new life.) Snap and post the pictures of your artistic interpretation in the comments below or to so I can post them up. Otherwise, Enjoy!

You can stream the whole album online or purchase through BandcampiTunes and The Liturgists Store if you'd like to add it to your music library.

Joshua Goss