I love knowing that...

It seems to me like writing until you've reached the last word about love would be an eternal pursuit. (I know that sounds like a quote, but it's not, I googled it. Nothing.) It would have been really tidy to wrap up this series on love with a final statement or at least an exclamation point. The truth is that maybe it could of finished that way if I'd just left it up to N.T. Wright when he pens this idea...

“We have traditionally thought of knowing in terms of subject and object and have struggled to attain objectivity by detaching our subjectivity. It can't be done, and one of the achievements of postmodernity is to demonstrate that. What we are called to, and what in the resurrection we are equipped for, is a knowing in which we are involved as subjects but as self-giving, not as self-seeking, subjects: in other words, a knowing that is a form of love.” 
Kid wonder

However, I couldn't leave it there because those words are the ones, that got me thinking about John again. In his first letter, he makes a grand, sweeping statement about the ground and nature of reality when he writes, "God is love."  Many people make bold truth claims but what's helpful for us is that he gives us the test. 

We get to check this one. 

We get to verify it with this gauntlet. "The one who loves knows God."

Love, it would seem is a technology not only for investigating the fullness of reality but also for enabling our participation in it. Alternatively and more simply put, love, is a form of knowing.