The Giving Tree...

There's an image that I can't stop drawing, regardless of the medium it seems that every time I sit down to do a little art, it heads in this same direction. I've always called the image A Tale of Two Tree's, but in reality, it's just a single tree, a strong tree with something carved into it, something hidden that keeps giving. If the name wasn't already taken I'd change it's name to The Giving Tree...

A Tale of Two Tree's (1 of 1).jpg

But Shel Silverstein used that name to title one of his many authored and illustrated children's books. So I can't.

What's interesting for me is the origin story of The Giving Tree, which begins with Brennan Manning and Silverstein meeting at a young age but going separate ways. One to write and one to be a priest. Fortunately, they continued to stay in touch and it was during one of their irregular catch-ups that they had a conversation about God’s love. 

Manning asked Silverstein what he thought God’s love felt like. 

Silverstein thought about it for a while but had no answer to give.

Much later Silverstein got back in touch with Manning and gave him a copy of The Giving Tree saying the book was his answer to Manning’s question. It became one of Brennan Mannings favourite books which makes it seem just right to finish this short series about trees, leadership and growth with the short animation of the story Shel Silverstein wrote about a tree that kept giving.

What do you think?